Natural Hair: Relaxed Hair Look without Relaxer/Harsh Chemical

Cute Video! Great job on straightening w/o the toxic relaxer.. =)

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Honest Review About 7Pe’s Natural Hair Relaxer “Straight Perfection”

Thank you for visiting my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a better understanding on why to make the transition over to a natural hair relaxer if your’re tired of damaging your hair with chemical hair relaxers.

First & Foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unbiased and honest assesment of what 7Pe’s “Straight Perfection” natural hair relaxer is  & what it has done for me & also what it can do for you.

This is a review site: Click here to visit 7Pe’s All Natural Hair Relaxer Website

So what is this natural hair relaxer “Straight Perfection” Hair Straightening?

It is a natural hair relaxer that straighten’s the hair by being able to be applied directly to the root and throughout to the ends.  It is initially changing the root structure and uncoiling the strands to make your hair softer and straight.  So it softens the bonds inside the hair without breaking them which permanently straightens your hair. Unlike chemical hair relaxers 7Pe’s natural hair relaxer “Straight Perfection” is not a one time out of the box and apply. This is a continuous application after you wash and dry then apply.  So you’re basically following the natural way of straightening the hair which in the long run will provide you continuous growth and straight, soft hair.

It might be you are ready for the big chop to revert to wearing a cute short hair cut in natural hair relaxerwhich myself I had no choice, due to I suffered from a severe thyroid problem. Or it might be you are ready to transition from relaxed hair but without the big chop. It seems the hardest part is making the decision to go natural then finding the best natural hair relaxer.

For those that choose the “Big Chop Transition”

If your hair is really damaged from relaxing or using chemically enhanced products the big chop would be ideal. This will get rid of the broken damaged hair and help level out hair for a new start. The big chop is a good choice if you suffer from scalp damage as it allows new growth a fresh start. Hair will grow back much quicker, healthier and stronger. Using natural hair relaxer products will make the hair much easier to manage along with a good organic hair shampoo and leave in protection.

For those that are not quite looking to go with the “Big Chop Transition”

This is ideal if you want to maintain the length of your hair opting to do a long term transition which this natural hair relaxer can help through that process. This involves you allowing your hair to grow without any chemical touch ups and trimming the straight dead ends. It simply allows you to retain your hair length whilst you obtain new natural roots. Using 7Pe’s natural hair relaxer Straight Perfection and 7Pe’s Organic Hair Loss Restoration will make the hair much easier to manage and promote growth.

The decision lies with you, make sure you choose what is right for you and your hair by considering factors such as your hair type and the damage if any to your hair or scalp.

Most of today’s popular straighteners are keratin-based. Keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair. It can fill in gaps in the hair cuticle that are cracked, dry, or damaged. It is mixed with varying levels of formaldehyde, and applied to the hair, and then sealed in with the heat of a flat iron. The formaldehyde helps hold the keratin molecules together, which straightens your hair and keeps it that way.

Click here to visit 7Pe’s All Natural Hair Relaxer Website

There’s no reason to damage your hair with harsh chemical relaxers when you can use a gentle natural hair relaxer cream or natural hair relaxer treatment to permanently straighten hair. Use the Straight Perfection to loosen your curls while maintaining health, texture and shine.

Just what does it imply to be chemical relaxer-free & going with a natural hair relaxer? So, if you have ever researched the expression before, you’re in all likelihood aware that relaxer-free hairdos really mean you really don’t put nearly as much product in your head of hair, as an alternative, allowing it to settle by natural means on your crown. The full group of hair relaxing products in addition to other harsh chemicals we place in our hair only try to change our hair’s normal instincts.

natural hair relaxer

But there are methods of relaxing hair by natural means that you might take advantage of. Not only to stay away from the products which we don’t consistently agree with, but also to merely lower your expenses, time and stress. Hair relaxers might not stress you out much, but after you’re done with this article, it will be one less item on your calendar that you need to worry about.  natural hair relaxer

Now why don’t we get started? How would you relax your hair and get it to be natural simultaneously? Well I don’t know if you’ve heard of 7Pe’s Organic Hair Loss Restoration. But that is exactly how you can go natural and restore your hair to get that continuous new growth and then you’ll be able to apply their natural hair relaxer “Straight Perfection, & I’m saying this b/c this is exactly what I did. For example, some women just appear to have naturally frizzy hair that never appears to settle. It’s not at all identical to having naturally curly hair, where at least there seems to always be an order to the manner in which the head of hair naturally grows out of the scalp.

The answer is not always to try and do way more, but to learn what you’ve been doing that would result in this sort of hair initially. For example, if you’ve been using hair shampoo and conditioner, and subsequently dried your head of hair, you may notice that the hair frizzes up. But precisely what’s in that hair regimen or alternatively what’s not in your hair regimen that creates these types of issues?

Do individuals that seem like they brush their head of hair a good deal worry about hair relaxers and hair care products and services? Nope; they prefer a natural hair relaxer that can get their natural hair flowing and, once thoroughly dry, ultimately settling exactly where they wanted their hair to. You could be pleasantly surprised that this natural hair relaxer genuinely does the same for your needs.  Straight Perfection has done wonders for me and if your looking for a natural hair relaxer I would definitely recommend it….

Click here to visit 7Pe’s All Natural Hair Relaxer Website

Straight Perfection Natural Hair Relaxer

So using a natural hair relaxer that’s entirely chemical-free has its merits. On top of being natural and safe, chemical-free hair relaxers do not over-process hair. Natural, chemical-free hair relaxers may include ingredients such as myrtle, rose petals, fenugreek or nettle and often are clay or gel-based. Easy to apply, they’re fortified with minerals and vitamins and can help restore a healthy pH balance while straightening hair and improving its texture.

A few Facts about 7Pe’s natural hair relaxer “Straight Perfection”:

  • This natural hair relaxer compared to others gives the hair strength and will not break the hair.
  • You can apply this natural hair relaxer directly to the scalp without the burning or itchy sensation.
  • Straight Perfection will make your hair soft which equals length and makes this natural hair relaxer one of the best!
  • After you apply the Straight Perfection you will have straight, strong & soft hair that no other natural hair relaxer can compare to on the market.

Well I hope this review gives you some idea on this special natural hair relaxer product. It only makes sense if you’re being honest with yourself and know within that you are damaging your hair with chemical hair relaxers in the long run and you have the opportunity to make a significant change and go with a natural hair relaxer.

Click here to visit 7Pe’s All Natural Hair Relaxer Website



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Insightful Thought On Hair Relaxers & Natural Hair Relaxers

If you have ever wondered about turning to natural hair relaxers due to the safety of chemical hair straighteners, you are in tall-cotton company.  In the last decade, scientists, academicians, and physicians have been pondering that suspicion, too. “My colleagues talk about relaxers possibly being correlated with hypertension and other diseases,” says Dina Strachan, MD, a dermatologist, who specializes in treating ethnic skin.

The doctor chooses not to relax her own hair, not because of medical
suspicions, but a personal preference. “As a black woman, I didn’t feel it was very affirming,” she says and the use of natural hair relaxers are on the rise.

So its said that when a chemical relaxer or wave is applied to your hair, numerous adjustments occur within the hair strand. The cuticle opens to enable the chemical to pass to reach the cortex, exactly where the chemical change really occurs. In brief the chemical rearranges delicate bonds within the cortex in order to permanently change the structure of your strands.

Ok, I just wanted to give a brief description on how and where a chemical travels to reach and change the structure of the hair follicle.  With that being said we have to see how important it is to understand that if these chemicals are truly toxic you could be headed towards those dreaded terms of Alopecia, highly damaged hair, scalp burns which turns in to hair loss, hair thinning & I highly doubt you will have any chance of growing your hair again…

The reality we are reaching here is that a lot of people who uses relaxers & not natural hair relaxers handle a specific degree of chemical harm at one point or another, which actually has a growing number of black women seeking either Organic Hair Relaxers, Natural hair relaxers or discarding the relaxer all together & just going flat out natural.

So In my next post I will be giving all the secrets on Natural Hair Relaxer products and Organic Hair Loss products as well…

There is almost a no brainer here on why you really have to take your scalp seriously and stop the foolishness of using these products that are made by people that really don’t have your best interests in mind! Their out for the dollar while you will be out of hair if you continue on the road of toxicity. I am not knew to this game they play and I have no choice but to give you the truth and nothing but the truth about natural hair relaxers & chemical induced relaxers.

Take a look at the video below… I hope it can inspire some of you and if you are on the cusps of deciding to go natural let this be a kind of guiding hand that can show you real proof that natural healthy hair is the only way to go & 7Pe’s natural hair relaxer is truly the best! Enjoy =)

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Little known facts about chemical hair relaxers – Go Natural!

When it comes to natural hair relaxers & why we have to turn away from chemical hair relaxers is the process 1st of all is often painful, damaging & irreversible, though black women (& some black men) subject themselves to this treatment repeatedly in order to maintain the appearance of straight hair, which I am not knocking but I feel we are now in an age where our awareness of what is in these chemical relaxers or hair products are not suitable to good health and are really immoral in putting them in young children in my opinion. Not only are women willing to endure pain & risk permanent damage, but they are willing to do so at the expense of their natural hair texture.

Here is a little Did you Know fact from 7pe’s How to make your hair grow faster site:

“Did you know that sodium hydroxide is the strongest chemical utilized in certain chemical relaxers b/c of it’s hair straightening properties & ability to keep the dramatic effect of straight hair for a long period of time.  Sounds great right? Well, what they don’t tell you is that the chemical sodium hydroxide is found in commercial & household drain cleaners known for eating away debris in sewage drains & pipes. This alone demonstrates the strength & severity of this chemical.”

If knowing that is not enough to sway you away from chemical hair relaxers how about all the horror stories that have came out over the years from so many different women across the globe that are suffering today with burns, scars, alopecia and or unable to grow their own hair at all & all the other damaging effects.

So what is my suggestion you ask? Well how about an All Natural Relaxer that will straighten the hair naturally but will also promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair.
This product I speak of is called “Straight Perfection” by 7pe.  I’ve been using this natural hair relaxer texturizer for over 2 years now and I have to give credit where credit is due.  7Pe is Ultimately known for its Organic Hair Loss products but when they came out with this Organic hair straightening product it was a must have.  When I 1st started using the Organic Hair loss product I could not believe how my scalp and hair reacted to the product.  It was like my hair was telling me that I have finally figured out the nutrients I am suppose to feed my scalp.  I suffered from a serious thyroid problem and thought my hair would never make it back.  I had to cut my hair very short almost like men wear their hair. Also any hair I grew would almost fall out in the comb & into the sink.  So fast-foward to today and you would not believe how my hair is today! I have my pictures on the about me page if you would like to see… =)

So I will cover more in my next post to give you some facts about hair relaxers and natural hair relaxers.

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A Useful Article About Hair Relaxers & Natural Hair Relaxers

My aim here is to bring details collectively regarding hair relaxers and the new age all-natural hair relaxer. This is info relating to where hair relaxers started and other points you may find intriguing.

Hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage, hair loss. These are just some of the complaints from several who encounter difficulties due to the misuse of chemical hair relaxers. In reality, the FDA lists hair straighteners and hair dyes amongst its top buyer complaint places. But, in so several retailers about the nation, chemicals are accessible for everyone to use, with out a lot instruction, a effective process which transforms the basic chemical makeup of the hair strand. Prior to starting any hair therapy, especially 1 that introduces chemical compounds to your hair, you owe it to yourself to be nicely informed. Armed with a much better understanding of this process, you will be ready to make good decisions with regard to hair and scalp care.

If you have naturally tightly curled hair you have the option of styling it using items especially developed for your hair kind as it is, or the choice to straighten the hair which opens up additional hair designs to be available to you. However, chemically straightening the hair really should be cautiously believed out and completely studied. We have compiled essential details on chemical hair relaxers and urge you to study the following carefully and, if not for oneself, share it with a pal.

His name was Garrett Augustus Morgan and he was born the seventh of eleven children of former slaves. He is very best identified for his invention of the automatic traffic signal and gas mask. But it was close to 1910 that he stumbled upon what would turn out to be his contribution to the hair care products business and what would pave the way for a number of other entrepreneurs and manufacturers above the next hundred many years.

Although operating in a sewing machine repair store attempting to invent a new lubricating liquid for the machine needle, it is widely believed that Morgan wiped his hands on a wool cloth, returned the following day, found the woolly texture of the cloth had “smoothed out”, and set out to find how the liquid chemical had transformed the texture as it had. He experimented on an Airedale dog, known for their curly textured hair, and the impact was effectively duplicated.

Morgan then tried his lubricating liquid invention on himself, known as it a “hair refining cream”, and hence patented the first chemical hair straightener. He founded a individual grooming goods business which incorporated hair dying ointments, curved-tooth pressing combs, shampoo, hair pressing gloss, and the one particular that began it all: the “G.A. Morgan’s Hair Refiner Cream” (advertised to “Positively Straighten Hair in 15 Minutes”).

Sodium Hydroxide is the strongest kind of principal chemical used in some chemical relaxers simply because it offers the most extended lasting and dramatic effects. Nevertheless, this same sodium hydroxide is discovered in drain cleaners which nicely demonstrates the strength of this chemical. It is what is used in goods that are referred to as “lye” relaxers. The strength varies from a pH aspect of ten to 14. With higher pH, the more quickly the straightening remedy will take hold, but the a lot more potential the damage.

Guanidine Hydroxide is the other typical option of relaxer chemical employed nowadays. This is what is referred to as “no-lye” relaxers. This label can be misleading to some buyers. It does not imply that there aren’t any powerful chemicals used or that the chemical substances used are somehow less possibly damaging. Some have mistakenly thought that with “no-lye” relaxers there are less actions and all the be concerned of chemical hair straightening is removed. Though this kind of chemical hair relaxer can be much less damaging than its counterpart, the hair and scalp really should be in leading problem prior to attempting remedy, and this type also demands special care when applied.

All relaxers need conditioning treatments prior to and after application. The selection to straighten the hair chemically demands a lot forethought and actually a commitment to wholesome hair care treatment options over a lengthy whole period of time.

How can chemical substances “relax”, or straighten hair? Properly first of all, as assumed, the chemical would need to be potent adequate to do so. Each lye and “no lye” relaxers are extremely powerful chemical compounds that work in the identical manner by altering the fundamental structure of the hair shaft. The chemical penetrates the cortex or cortical layer (see illustration) and loosens the organic curl pattern. This inner layer of the hair shaft is not only what provides curly hair its shape but provides strength and elasticity. Once this procedure is carried out it is irreversible.

This process which produces the desired impact of “straighter” hair at the exact same time leaves hair weak and very susceptible to breaking and further harm. One need to preserve in thoughts that relaxers do not help the hair, but truly strip it. So by applying chemical substances to the hair, even if it is to achieve a desired impact, is in no way truly to the benefit of your hair health. Due to this, it is first strongly advised that it be applied only beneath the direction of a hair care skilled with a record of success with wholesome hair care and chemical straightening, and that the client regularly obtains conditioning remedies just before and following the procedure.

Possessing a healthy scalp beforehand decreases the chance of issues occurring. Relaxers should in no way be applied to currently damaged hair, or on someone who has had scalp harm. Age should also be regarded as. Even though your young youngsters may possibly want to have the hairstyles they see on adults or other young people, mother and father should seriously contemplate applying such robust chemical compounds to young hair and the potential damage that could last a lifetime if misused most instances it is not needed to apply any chemical item to young hair.

“Over processing”, the excessive use of relaxers on the hair or applying the chemical to currently processed or relaxed hair, is the most standard misuse of these chemical substances. As soon as the initial relaxer is applied to “virgin hair” (or a “virgin relaxer” is performed), “touch-ups” (or chemical applied thereafter) should only be applied to new development between six-eight week intervals (or much more). This however, depends on the rate of hair development and condition of the hair as advised by your hair care skilled.(Some say that even six weeks is also quickly to reapply relaxer to new growth). And it is normal to wait at least two-four weeks before applying hair colour chemical (or dye) to not too long ago relaxed hair, if applied at all. We remind readers that the much more chemicals applied to hair the a lot more possibility of damage may possibly be skilled.

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